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[P473.Ebook] Free Ebook Cress, by Marissa Meyer

Free Ebook Cress, by Marissa Meyer

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Cress, by Marissa Meyer

Cress, by Marissa Meyer

Cress, by Marissa Meyer

Free Ebook Cress, by Marissa Meyer

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Cress, by Marissa Meyer

The #1 New York Times Bestselling Series!

Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together they're plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her army.

Their best hope lies with Cress, who has been trapped on a satellite since childhood with only her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker; unfortunately, she's just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice.

When a daring rescue goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing stop her marriage to Emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only ones who can.

  • Sales Rank: #2154 in Books
  • Brand: Square Fish
  • Published on: 2015-01-27
  • Released on: 2015-01-27
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.17" h x .6" w x 5.52" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 592 pages
  • Square Fish

From School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—Cress is locked away in a floating satellite. She dreams of visiting Earth, the planet she has been forced to spy on, and meeting Carswell Thorne, the handsome ship captain who teamed up with Cinder in Scarlet (Feiwel & Friends, 2013). Her wish comes true after an attempted rescue from Cinder and her crew is intercepted, leaving Cress and Thorne stranded on Earth. At the same time, Scarlet is kidnapped, and Queen Levana, frustrated with Cinder's escape, begins to attack Earth. Cinder has her hands full with finding her missing comrades, dealing with an out-of-control Wolf, preventing Levana and Kai's marriage, and accepting her own royal heritage. At the end of the book, Cinder realizes that she can no longer hide from her destiny and begins preparations to head to Luna for a revolution. Cress fills in more historical details about Earth and Luna's relationship—most of which will be of no surprise to the reader—and Cinder's rebirth as a cyborg. Fans of Scarlet and Wolf may be disappointed that their relationship takes a backseat to the newly introduced pairing. As always, Meyer excels at interweaving new characters that extend beyond the archetypes of their fairy tale into the main story. Readers will eagerly await the final installment of this highly appealing and well-constructed series.—Marissa Lieberman, East Orange Public Library, NJ

From Booklist
As the Lunar Chronicles continue, we meet Cress, with Rapunzel-like hair, who is trapped in an orbiting satellite. For seven long years, she has provided intelligence and security for the Lunar Queen, Lavana. Her latest assignment is to search for Cinder, the escaped cyborg mechanic who crashed Emperor Kai’s ball and won his heart in spite of his announced betrothal to Lavana. Emperor Kai hopes his ultimate sacrifice—the marriage—will ensure peace between Earth and Luna. In this third book in Meyer’s fractured fairy tale series, Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf, and Cress team up to stop the emperor’s wedding, preventing Lavana from becoming Earth’s queen and thus destroying it. Once again, Meyer offers up a science fiction fantasy page-turner that salutes women’s intelligence and empowerment, with a subtle warning of the perils of misusing that power. Old and new romances, unfinished story lines, and the prognostication of wartime horrors all pave the way for Meyer’s much anticipated next installment, Winter, expected in 2015. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: The previous titles in the Lunar Chronicles series were both New York Times best-sellers; with a major marketing campaign pushing Cress, expect similar results here. Grades 7-10. --Frances Bradburn


“Meyer continues to show off her storytelling prowess, keeping readers engaged in a wide cast of characters while unfolding a layered plot that involves warring governments and a fast-spreading plague. The momentum Meyer built in the first two books continues to accelerate as the stakes grow higher for Cinder and her friends. The next installment cannot come fast enough.” ―Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Once again, Meyer offers up a science fiction fantasy page-turner that salutes women's intelligence and empowerment. . . . Old and new romances, unfinished story lines, and the prognostication of wartime horrors all pave the way for Meyer's much anticipated next installment, Winter, expected in 2015.” ―Booklist

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A wonderful addiction to this EPIC series...
By Alicia

A spectacular third book in the Lunar Chronicles that will have your head spinning in pure bliss! Filled with all the same fun characters from all the previous books, and some new and intriguing ones that bring a different kinda dynamic to the story, with a thickened plot and a world of trouble and drama, CRESS has lived up to all my expectations and some!

What a mind blowing ride CRESS took me on! I learned early on from book one not to underestimate Meyer's and her mad writing skills. But for some crazy reason I always do just that, and each book just gets better and better, surprising me with a more engaging read each time! This book was hypnotizing and absolutely addicting from the very first page. I could not put it down for nothing, and I loved all the new and exciting characters that were introduced and became a great addition to this fantastic series!

The characters were once again wonderful! Theirs so many main characters in this book that you would think it would be hard to follow, but surprisingly it's not. I found that all the characters and different POV's only developed the story more, making it complex and that much stronger. I really liked how in the beginning all the characters were together, and then slowly they all started getting separated from each other because of a different traumatic event that in my opinion only strengthened the story. And then you have all the different POV's from the characters in different places and your able to see what's going on all around the world.

I loved all the characters for different reasons. Cinder because the girl has been through much and is still determined to save the same people who once mocked her for her disability. And plus she's going to kick Queen Levana's a** when they finally face off in WINTER, I KNOW she is, (at least she better! ;) That b*tch Levana needs a taste of her own medicine. But I still love her as the wicked villain that she is that only makes this story that much more as awesome! Scarlet because she has this admirable strength that only multiplies tenfold when she feels threatened. And when the girl loves, she loves hard! I think she may even be my favorite of them all! I don't know though, I do LOVE Cinder and Iko too! Cress because the girl brings a new light to this book that this series never had. And she's sweet and innocent, yet she's not afraid to get her hands dirty even when her life's on the line for strangers. And Iko is soo funny and instantly likable. Being an android and having so much personality and sense of humanity that is full of life and a bubbly demeanor only strengthened the book and brought a fun tone to the story.

Okay, now for the boys. . .

Kai, ohhhhh, KAI is sooo swoony! He's Emperor, yet you wouldn't be able to tell if you didn't know who he was. He's down to earth and genuinely cares about people. He's also extremely hot but doesn't think he's better then anyone, and is willing to put himself last to save is country. Wolf because he's totally bada*s on the outside, yet when he's with Scarlet he's a big softy that'll would walk to the end of the world for. He is definitely my kinda guy! ;) THORNE, ohhhh, Thorne! He's another favorite of mine! The boy is all sarcasm and hotness! I LOVE HIM!!! He's always making light of any situation, and can make you laugh when really you shouldn't. He also lives behind his jokes, trying to hide the real him that is loyal and caring, and brave even when he doesn't want to see it!!

So there you have it, just a quick little bit of why I love each and every one of our main characters. But theirs still so many more admirable reasons of why their all so awesome. And though Cinder is at the forefront of them all, they're all still equally important to the story for their own reasons. And I think Meyers did a wonderful job at creating each of them and developing just the right amount of characterization! I'm looking forward to officially meeting Winter, but from what I can gather, she may be a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but is still the fairest of them all! ;)



Still on the run from both Earth and Luna, Cinder and her group of rebels are barley evading authorities as they prepare to face off with Levana and restore Cinder, the rightful heir to the Lunar throne. But their journey has been tedious and nothing short of deadly, and if they don't succeed in their mission, not only will they be doomed, but also all of Earth and Luna.


Cress has daydreamed about the day her prince charming would rescue her from the tower and slay the evil monster, the day has finally arrived...

Born a shell with no Lunar gift, and considered unworthy to live in society with the rest of her fellow Lunars, Cress, like all other shells are taken at birth and immediately executed in order to rid the moon of the abomination they bring when born. But, the secret that not many Lunars know, is that they're not really executed when taken from their parents. The truth is their blood is special, and harvested for the cure it holds for the rampant letumosis disease killing thousands of Earthens. They cannot be controlled by other Lunars, but they also have no mind controlling powers either. But Cress has a special talent far more worthy then just her blood, and is about to become just as deadly . . .

Cress is Queen Levana's best hacker, and she's been spying on Earth for far too long. Forced to do evil things for the queen, Cress has been imprisoned in her Satellite where she's cutoff from humanity and only has a mini version of herself for a companion. She has been secretly helping Cinder evade authorities from her seclusion in her Satellite, but Cress fears if she doesn't start producing results in "locating" Cinder soon, then she may find herself facing a punishment she won't make it out of alive. But how can she turn in the same people that could be her only hope for freedom?


Scarlet is now carrying out her grandmothers last wishes by helping Cinder on her mission to save both the people of Earth and Luna by dethroning the evil tyrant Levana from the Lunar throne—thus saving earth from having a new evil Empress claiming their world for herself, and all her evil plans she has in store for them! Scarlet and their newly formed group of rebels have a plan, if only she can stay alive long enough to carry it out. . .

CRESS was an exceptional book that did a wonderful job with setting up the finale for the final installment in WINTER. I loved how this novel was evened out and weighed the chapters with the pace that made it all come together and fit just right. I especially thought CRESS went out with a bang, and was as solid as any ending could be. And I LOVED that Cinder and Kai FINALLY got to see each other again. Even if we only got a little time with them, it still set my heart aflame to have them back together again! I am so eager to start WINTER, yet hesitant to read it because I don't want it to be over just yet!

Overall, CRESS was a fantastic third installment that any Lunar fan would truly love! With a thickened plot and thrilling action, CRESS was tons of fun as sparks flew in this installment. I will forever love this series and will eagerly read anything Meyer's writes next! If your a HUGE Lunar fan then this is one installment you won't want to miss!

NOTE: I received a physical ARC from Feiwel and Friends for reviewing purposes! All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way!

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LOVE it! It just gets better and better!
By TSherm
5+ Stars

I love fairy tales. I also love SciFi. Marissa Meyer does such an excellent job in putting these two together! It is amazing to me as well that in this third book of her Lunar Chronicles series that she also handles multiple points of view and story-lines so seamlessly without losing my interest or confusing me. This is storytelling at its best!

I don't know how she comes up with the back-stories for her characters that build these amazing plots, nor how she creatively takes a beloved fairy tale (Rapunzel) and creates this amazing story. I just know that she does it well. I was immediately drawn in to Cress's world, her joys, and her fears from the first page. None of the characters in this series are perfect, and Cress is no different. I would say, however, that all the characters are perfectly flawed and I wouldn't change a thing about them. They are all consistent and I felt they react as they should if they weren't just in a storybook world. I loved Cress! She is amazing! She isn't my favorite character. I think Cinder, Scarlet, and Thorne are all vying for that place, but I still love all of these characters. I can't say that I love the villains, which are Queen Lavana and Sybil, but they are very true to who they are and what they do.

I just have to note here that I am very happy with Thorne's place in the whole plot. I felt he was meant specifically for someone and now I know that he is and I am very happy about it. :) Prince Kai redeems himself to me in this book. I loved him in Cinder, not so much in Scarlet, and I am falling back in love with him in Cress. We also meet another leading man and a new leading lady that I'm sure will be much more present in the fourth book. I'm really looking forward to it!

The plot kept me turning the pages. Meyer doesn't let her characters off easy. She is actually pretty hard on all of them. They have a serious fight they have undertaken with serious decisions to be made that have major consequences. I'm glad that it hasn't been too easy, even though it was pretty difficult in spots. I was a little worried about what would happen and I'm glad that I'm happy with the way things are going. I'm really not sure what is going to unfold in the final book. I can figure out what needs to happen and probably what will happen, but I also know that it is going to be a tough journey for Cinder and her companions.

If you enjoy reading fairy tales (or very creative twists on them), or SciFi, then I would highly recommend reading Cress! The series just seems to get better and better. If there was a higher rating than 5, this book would get that for me.

Content: Clean (there is some innuendo and violence, but I would still consider this clean)
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Good :)
By anna lisa
In this third book of the lunar chronicles we get to know Cress.
She has been locked alone in a satellite most of her life where she has been forced to be queen Levana's personal hacker.
Cress has grown tired of being stuck out in space and horrified by all the awful things that Levana has done, that she has in some ways helped her do, so she reaches out to Cinder and her small crew for help.
But Cress' rescue is only the first thing that Cinder has to take care of.
Then there is also the royal wedding where Kai is supposed to marry the Lunar queen, whitch Cinder knows is a horrible idea since that would only clear the path for Levana to take over Earth.
Cinder can't just sit by any longer and watch Kai doom the people of Earth by making Levana not only the queen of Luna but also an empress on Earth.
She has finally made a decision, she will dethrone Leavana and become who she was meant to be even though being queen was never what she really wanted.

I really liked this book, there was a lot of action and we get even more additions to the already great cast of characters. Things are getting serious, the characters have some decisions to make and schemes to plot. I'm really excited for the last book, so far I have very much enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles and I hope that it's ending will not disappoint.

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